November 2017 Coyote hunt video is now on YouTube!


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Oct 13, 2014
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You say in the episode you're laying on a pillow? What kinda pillow is it?


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Nov 21, 2009
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20171112_121709 by , on Flickr

You can see one of my pillows in the above picture. It is solid packing foam with camo cloth around it. It works great for supporting my head or for leaning against a bush to support my upper back while reclining into a bush.

When I was younger I would lay on flat ground with a pillow under my head and I would just sit up and start shooting when the coyote ran right up on me. Now that I am 66 years old I can't lay on my back on flat ground and get up quickly.

PICT0011 by , on Flickr
This is a picture of my son using a pillow to lean back into a bush. Without some sort of support to get your head up or raise your upper back it is very difficult to be comfortable and keep your profile low to the ground.

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This picture was taken on a very steep hill. I can still lay on my back on steep hills with my feet pointing down hill. By keeping our profile as low to the ground as possible we have had no problems calling coyotes in open country right up within 20 yards of us.

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In the above picture you can see my shotgun leaning on some plywood that I attached a camo pillow to on one end. I can adjust the height of the plywood on pillow end so I can recline on flat ground. This makes it much more comfortable and it allows me to get up to shoot much easier.

Below are some pictures of my son sitting up from a pillow in the process of shooting a coyote that came in very close to him.
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IMG_2402 - Copy by , on Flickr
IMG_2408 - Copy by , on Flickr
In the last picture the shot just made contact with the coyote.
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Oct 14, 2003
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unreal sequence of pics! that last one needs to be framed...thanks for sharing


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Mar 3, 2006
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Super congrats on the great successfull coyote hunt.
That is a cool adrenaline style of coyote hunting for sure. Outstanding pics thnx 4 sharing!

P.s. U cali guys better enjoy coyote hunting while u can, if they put the brakes on bobcat hunting I am sure they will do the same with coyote hunting, and they will put wild pigs on the endangered species list in about 25 more
California will b known as the Dehunting state, I predict way in the future California will b the first state to abolish hunting all together, so sad!..tra

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