November California Goose hunt!


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We hunted geese between Delevan and Sacramento Refuges this last Friday and Saturday with a guide. We saw way more geese this year than we did last year.

We had around 15,000 to 40,000 geese about 800 yards away from were we were set up, so most of the geese didn't pay much attention to our decoy spread.

We killed 28 Snow Geese in two days, 27 of them were Juvies. We killed 7 geese in the mornings and the other 21 geese in the last 30 minutes of shooting time in the evenings. All of the geese that we got were within 15 yards of our blind when we came up shooting. The geese decoyed much better in the late afternoons.

I enjoy driving through the Sacramento Refuge and taking pictures.Every year we see more Blue Geese in this area.

49122864812_ae2de276e9_c.jpgIMG_2716 by[email protected]/, on Flickr
49122866057_6f1e385b73_c.jpgIMG_2710 by Robert , on Flickr
49122862947_279246d6c2_c.jpgIMG_2784 by[email protected]/, on Flickr
49122676361_55b8af9609_c.jpgIMG_2733 by[email protected]/, on Flickr

In the below picture you can see some of the geese that were 800 yards from our decoys.

49122932807_b97e247253_c.jpgimage1 by[email protected]/, on Flickr

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