Novice Bow Hunter looking for a few tips for pig hunting at the lake sonoma wildlife area

Craig Kuna

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Craig here. I’ve harvested a couple pigs on guided hunts in central CA. Honestly the first one was more of a “pay to harvest meat” scenario. The 2nd hunt we actually did a little bit of glassing and actual hunting. I field dressed both of the animals. The first hunt I had help from the guide, and I did it on my own the 2nd hunt. I have a boat in campsite at Thumb creek. Anything I should be prepped for that I might bot be thinking about. I have a 2 man kayak with 500lb capacity. should I plan on quartering the pig immediately and transport to the cars/coolers. Or try to boat out a full carcass? Is Thumb creek a good starting point? Are there known areas that hold more animals?
Is it even kosher to ask stuff like this on this forum?


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I am confused here, “ I have about in campsite at thumbs creek”. Or did u mean “they have a boat in campsite at thumbs creek”.
I imagine u r not there now unless u were pre scouting. Have u been to the lake at all yet...tra


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Cool wasn’t to sure since it was early before the season.
Been many times to the yorty creek side mostly by foot and hiking those ranges. boated into that back area years ago with some friends they scored. it’s nice to get off the beaten paths and out to the remote areas of the lake. if the water is real cool u can tie it up and put it in the water by the bank to buy u time. Make sure the water conditions with the weather if it’s safe to use a kayak, it can get very windy. And there r some monster pigs out there. They r very Mobil so to pin point them down is tricky, but being remote gives u better chances, its a great learning experience at the lake ea. Time u go, some great public land bow hunting for wild pigs with bow unanticipated beat it....tra


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You won’t have anyone tell you where the pigs are, you will have to find them. Nobody knows your kayaking skills, but even if I was a experienced kayacker, I would leave it home home until you find pigs. Pig meat is not worth capsizing in a lake. Don’t complicate your hunt. Get out and see what you can find. Good luck.


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search the archives, there is plenty of information hiding back there.
The Kayak will get you more remote areas, us Google earth l take a look around
the area you plan to be.
As for how you bring it out, it depends a big ass hog, you may want to quarter it out
or bone it out.
Always consider your abilities and water conditions when you load that big ass dude into the Kayak.
Have a great hunt !


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If you plan on going with a kayak, you may want to tow a small inflatable. I saw a couple guys do this last year. It will slow you down a bit, but better than risking capsizing depending on the type of kayak.

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