NV license issues


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Well I went to visit my father for Thanksgiving and he was going to get me an NV combo license so him and I could go out and try to do a little small game or bird hunting. He's a disabled vet and so the distances he can walk and the opportunities we'll get to do stuff like this are very limited. So we go first go into the local sportsman warehouse and go up to the counter to get me a license. We don't sell license here. My dad points straight above his head to a sign that reads "Hunting and Fishing Licenses". Yeah we know the sign is there but we don't have the special printer so we don't sell them. OK, thanks for the misleading sign.

So over to Walmart, not where we want to go this week but whatever. Turns out that having a current hunting license from another state isn't good enough to satisfy there stupid evidence of hunter safety. They want the number for the safety certificate... oh great that stupid little card from close to 30 years ago. But then I remember that I can log on to the CA site and they probably have it online. They do and we go back to the sporting goods to get a license. Nope. System still won't accept it, says it's not in the system. Well no s#!! why would my CA hunter safety from before the internet existed be on record with NV?

So what the hell does NV want non residents as evidence of hunter safety? Even if I had had the actual card with me the number is the same they don't seriously want non residents that haven't already had an account established to take a hunter safety in NV??? That's ridiculous. Or were the people at Walmart just retarded? Something I still should get. Between the time I spend up in Tahoe area and visiting my dad in Vegas I'd put it to use. Also I'd like somebody to explain how their non resident system for deer and other large game works. From what I was looking at on the NDOW site I couldn't even find a good map of the zones.

Anyways ended up going out with my father anyways and just limited myself to jacks since you don't need a license for them. We ended up with one each on the short hike up a wash he was able to manage in his condition.

Other issue is he needs to get a CA license. If he had that we could of just gone another few miles and into MNP. He doesn't have his hunter safety card from CA anymore. And his I don't think is on record like mine. Does he also have to take a stupid class again which is even more of a problem for him? So I have a CA license and couldn't get an NV one. He has an NV one and not a CA.... still enjoyed the holiday and got to explore some new areas. My dad got to put his new Benelli on a jackrabbit at least. I'll call both departments and find out but was pretty frustrating.


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In CA you used to be able to just sign an affadavit saying you previously possessed a CA hunting license. Nowadays, with all the liberal anti hunting personnel at dfg, who knows. Hopefuly they havent changed that process.


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The dumb email response I got....
Asked if I could send a copy of my current CA license and screenshot of my hunter safety number off the CA DFW site.
Their response was email a copy of the hunter ed card and they will call CA DFW to confirm the number??? Why do they have to have a pic of the stupid hunter ed card if they are are just going to call CA anyways to confirm the number? I'm just going to send them the number and hope they do it anyways, I don't want to try and find that dumb card... if I even have it still.

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