NWTF San Diego Super Fund Banquet


Mar 20, 2002
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Our Chapter respectfully request the honor of your company. All San Diego County Turkey Hunters families and friends are invited to our annual Banquet.  State and national conservation efforts of the Wild Turkey are the beneficiary of ths Banquet.  The revenue raised goes into the NWTF's Superfund.

With the recent completion of the Wild Turkey Environmental Impact Reveiw and it is now on Gov. Gray Davis's desk.  All concern turkey hunters need to contact Davis's office asking him to sign off on the report.  

When he does this a new era of Turkey Hunting here in the Golden State will begin.  Then, NWTF local chapters and the Superfund can support and become resources for the state in their planting and conservation efforts. Over time the population will increase and we all will have more Turkeys to enjoy.  Fundraising is an intricate part of any national conservation effort.

This is our third dinner and with your support, it could be the best ever.  Elk and Cornish game hens is the table fare.  

May 10th-- Friday
5:30 doors open, dinner at 7:30
Admidiral Baker club house
Admiral Baker Golf couse, San Diego
-- close to the I-15, I-8 interchange/QualcommStadium.

Auctions, raffles, door prizes and fun for all.  Please vist  www.geocities.com/nwtfcasd for more information.

The banquet ticket includes dinner and membership in the NWTF.  Please, print the page and mail the ticket request form to the Banquet Chairman, to insure yourself seat.  Please also indicated if you will be part of a set of 6 - 10 person table.

Another request is for prize donations from local businesses. Any one that would like to make a donation of products or services, to be prizes for the auctions or raffle. please contact me at rrmcgrat@hotmail.com</a>. This is a donation to a non-profit group and one more way to help the Wild Turkey.  

I hope to meet all the local people I  have read on this valuable message board at the Banquet.

Take care

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