O.M.G. Another Lunker Largemouth Pond Monster...pics


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Mar 3, 2006
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This past week the extreme heat has been brutal here averaging almost 105 feel like everyday. Its definitely effecting the bite and me physically and mentally fishing almost dally in this extreme heat. My drive and mission is to hook the bass of my life keeps me hitting the ponds.
Thursday I did the morning and sunset sessions missed on 2 big blow ups and took a beating.
Then Friday I wasn't sure if I wanted to do a sunset session it was so FREEKING hot, but I decide to take the Escoot to hit a couple of ponds. After 2 ponda with no strikes at all I knew it might b a bust. Then as I was passing a pond that was super hot a couple months ago but had gone flat on the bite action I was foing to just keep going but all of a sudden I said f it and stopped I grab my poles and headed to the bank. I first started with my weedless frog but no takers then I grabbed my Sticko poke set up casted about 35 ft. Parallel the bank.
As I was reeling my bait back no strikes and just as my bait was about a 1 1/2 away from the bank edge I paused it and out of nowhere I see this blockhead bass pick up my Sticko and started swimming off slowly I wanted a few extra seconds to make sure it had it and bam I set the hook and as I started to try and feel it launched out of the water vertically in front of my face and it was a Monster I was able to get it up on the bank it was unbelievable action and satisfaction for sure.
Took some quick pics and vid and it swam off unharmed but probably shooken up like me.....lol
Just think about it I didnt want to hit that pond up but I am glad I changed my mind.....tra








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