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Off Site Fishing & Gigging Yesterday....pics


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Yesterday I got out early to hit up some roadside canals and retention ponds off site that I have been eyeing for awhile that look like good potential. Had my poles, casting net and new gig pole. Already at 8:30 an it was pretty windy so that sucked, no rain nice and sunny though.
I hit up this mile long canal section that had lily pads along the banks but no strikes or action at all, that was a bust. Then I went to 2 huge retention ponds but the wind was in my face stong it was hard to cast out had 1 nice bass come out s drain pipe grabbed my frog but just mouthed it went to set the hooks and it popped out so that was a bust.
Next I hit another canal and finally I hook one small bass so that was cool, but that was that
My last stop was the roadside damn and lock I use to hit up and post from where their is bass, gar, Oscar's and black Armored Catfish ( Pleco).
Got a couple more small bass then I gigged a small Pleco. There was a handful of gar but they wouldn't get close enough where I could gig them.
It was nice to take a break from my ponds and hit up some spots I never been too just wish it wasn't so windy it seems most of the banks I could only work the wind was in my20190922_115002.jpg20190922_090405.jpg20190922_102229.jpg20190922_154925.jpg20190922_102237.jpg20190922_102241.jpg20190922_112347.jpg20190922_104341.jpg20190922_112415.jpg20190922_112440.jpg face and tuff to cast.
I have sone other around town spots I can't wait to check out.
Thnx 4 following my post and get out and hook one today!.....tra

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