OHA Director Positions. Need Your Help!!!!

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Mar 2, 2008
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OHA Resource Director & SW OR Director positions

I have attached my video asking everyone in helping me to fill either the OHA Resource Director or SW OR Director positions. Feel free to ask any questions the video and information below do not answer.


1. Follow important Conservation issues & inform OHA

· Member of several hunting organizations, read magazines, ODFW emails, social media hunting/outdoor pages, hunting forums and wildlife/natural resource employee keep me up to date on conservation, wildlife and habitat issues.

2. Assist OHA chapters in wildlife & habitat management

· Work with district biologist on future NEPA that will help OHA work on game habitat projects.

· Help OHA and district biologist get grants to help wildlife/habitat projects.

· Help OHA work with Forest Service biologist with new OHA & FS Regional Agreement

· Share the most up to date science and research on game management with OHA chapters

· Start student OHA chapter(s).

· Allow none hunters to purchase habitat membership.

3. Promote conservation goals & accomplishments of OHA social media, public speaking

· Already do this at OHA meetings, social media and hunting forums

4. Attend agency meetings & legislative hearings

· Attend FS & ODFW meetings.

· Speak at public hearings at state capital

5. Communicate with stakeholders on Land Use & Wildlife Issues

· Reach out to other hunters on hunting forums and social media

6. Assist with OHA State Convention & annual Chapter Summit workshop

· Assist RMEF with their annual PAC meeting at Diamond Lake

7. Review Resource Management Plans & submit comments

· Helps being a past ODFW & BLM employee and current FS employee

· Connections with State & Fed agencies

· Make sure deer and elk are priority species on forest management plans.

The Liaison position (Resource Director) will create the framework to streamline the process for ODFW employees and OHA members through training, put supplemental project agreements together, stewardship projects or organize volunteer days. This partnership will broaden mutual benefit and support towards mission activities with all groups involved. The liaison will establish links and connect biologists and managers to the state agency ODFW and non-profit groups OHA. A dedicated person to this position will make a greater impact and be more efficient in working with the agreements these agencies and organizations have in place. The partnership with ODFW and NGO’s will help strengthen the technical capacity and finances of the Forest Service. The liaison goal is to minimize the potential for contradictory activities between the Forest Service and other agencies and partners while facilitating joint planning opportunities and solutions to broad conservation challenges.

Major Duties and Tasks

• Serves as the Forest Service Region 6 game/wildlife representative and provides overall leadership, coordination, planning, and implementation of regional agreements.

• Serves as the Forest Service Region 6 primary contact and maintains and develops relationships with other governmental entities and external organizations.

• Reviews and provides guidance for the development of wildlife management plans and/or habitat management plans that will help benefit partners using agreements.

• Helps guide project work plans and coordinates project work with other District and other S.O. personnel taking into consideration wildlife habitat and TES requirements in relation to other multiple-use management of forest resources, such as timber, recreation, and minerals management.

• Help set up monitoring or special studies on the habitat of game species. Identifies game resource problems; proposes corrective action to management staff and provides leadership and direction in initiating programs to solve problems with partners and regional agreements.

• Reviews and recommends habitat management and improvement plans for technical soundness and adequacy in meeting overall game management objectives.

• Help determine the need for and recommending game habitat restoration, enhancement or improvement projects; and studying and recommending solutions to special coordination problems involving wildlife habitat protection.

• Provide direction to wildlife biologist wanting to develop their programs and include partnerships and outside funding sources.

• Work cooperatively with NGO’s, state and federal agencies on habitat initiatives.

• Promote habitat and outreach accomplishments.

• Garner additional funding for liaison position through grants and other sources as identified.

• Provide guidance for game habitat project agreements, contracts and volunteer work.

• Review reports and accomplishments of completed habitat projects.

• Helps biologist design habitat improvement and restoration projects with other programs, state agency representatives and NGO’s.

• Facilitate USFS, ODFW and NGO’s joint planning opportunities

• Open and maintain new channels of communication with internal and external networks.

• Help district biologist understand options with current agreements with ODFW and NGO’s.

• Help district biologist secure grants for habitat projects.

• Provide ways district biologist can build their KV programs and save funds with partners and contracts.

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