Ohio River Cooperative Sauger Tagging Study


Jul 9, 2002
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Ohio River Cooperative Sauger Tagging Study

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources fisheries biologists have began a new 2-year study on sauger movement and angler catch on the Ohio River . According to Bret Preston , Assistant Chief of Warmwater Fisheries, this study is a cooperative effort of Ohio River Fisheries Management Team (ORFMT). The ORFMT is comprised of all state fish management agencies responsible for the management of fisheries on the Ohio River .

WVDNR Biologists have and will continue to tag sauger with colored tags at the base of the fish's dorsal fin. Each tag is uniquely numbered and has the WVDNR address noted. More than 3,000 fish will be tagged throughout the river. Anglers are asked to provide the WVDNR the tag or tag number (located on tag), information on the date the fish was caught, the exact location of the fish's capture, and if the fish was kept or released. Information can be mailed to the WVDNR, 2311 Ohio Ave , Parkersburg, WV 26101, e-mailed to [email protected], or by calling (304) 420-4550.

According to Chris O'Bara, project leader, information collected in this river-wide study will provide Ohio River biologists with broad understanding of movement patterns and angler catch of this important sport fish. Updates of study results will be available from the WVDNR as well as other ORFMT state web sites. Additional information can be obtained from Chris O'Bara at (304) 420-4550. Funds for this study are provided through license dollars and matching funds through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Program.

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