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OK, Where did your handle come from?


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 My creative wife bought me the personalized license plates years ago that said "Whoadog" since she would hear me telling dogs that during training (she was my assistant before my daughter stepped in).



Well, besides the fact that I like to hunt porkers, my last name is Hodgson. I've heard all the wisecracks and Hogskin just sort of stuck with some dirt biking buddies of mine.



Brian S

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I think mine is pretty obvious I've thought about changing it to something creative I like fork'dinL.A. I'm just glad no one has used my little cartoon guy.



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My last name (Hookassian) is too long so it got shortened by my buddy's when i was in the military and on the Dept. to Hook.


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Mine came about when my buddies and our work friends started to caravan all over So Cal and the high desert to fish, and hunt rabbits, quail, and deer in the early 80's.  CB radios were all the rage then, even in downtown L.A., so everybody had one.  One of the ladies in our fishing/hunting group had the CB handle of Cottontail, and then I got dubbed with the handle of Jackrabbit -- kept it ever since.


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Well .......ummm......mine kinda evolved , then one day I was needin a handle to get into one of these web sites.   So Bigolwiggler it was.

I used to work with this guy named Harry Waggler. Me and my huntin buddy always thought it was kind of a humorous name.  

We began callin him Harry Wiggler  between ourselves ( terrible werent we *S* )

Then we said , hey that sounds like a good name for a fishin lure , the "hairy-wiggler"  And for the really big bass it would naturally have to be called the    "Big-Ol-hairy-wiggler" .   We sure got a kick out of ourselves with all that sillyness.

So any way I signed into a web site , needed a handle and thats what popped into my mind........


You asked for it !


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The first three letters of my first name, the first three letters of my last name and the year I was born.


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I go by a couple of different ones.

Stryder- I got from the Lord of the Rings Books.

Hunt4lyf- cause that's what I LOVE to do and I plan on doing it for life.

Wriath-I have no clue how that came about but it fit well to tell stories.



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My 2 favorite activities in the whole wide world are bugling Elk and calling in Honkers, and I just can't put to words what an Elk says........hronk


Mine is from the same bow I have been shooting for over 10 years. It still shoots straight, buttttttttt it just a little slow. I shoot a Hoyt Easton ProHunter.


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well mine I've had for years. I got a small license plate that said Tonz 4X4 short for Tony ,and Hook saw it one day and said that in Armenian ,it ment a pair of (?), and being I was the type of guy to be dairing ( having the cajones ) hanse the name Thonzberry was born. It's my childhood nickname,

coyotehunter 1

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Well back a few hunderd years ago I guided for a local hunting lodge, coyotes started to be a problem with the walking stock. The owner wanted someone to control coyotes, when I was not guiding clients on hunts I tried my hand at coyotes. After a few kills the head guide  started calling me coyote hunter and it stuck. I decided to use coyotehunter_1  when I started using the www.



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mine is self explanatory paulc.. my last name is comino...

some great names on the post..

would like to know what a fainting goat is..

i particularly like the handle qbnhunter..

stryder, i always wondered if that was from lord of the rings. that was one of my favorite characters in the book also.

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