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Jul 20, 2006
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Kansas State University's basketball seasons may be over, but the school is well-represented in a big-time tournament this weekend -- except the players will be casting lines rather than bouncing balls.

"We call ourselves the K-State fishing team," student Ben Fuchs said. "There are some fancier names at other schools but we decided to keep it simple."

And there are certainly plenty of other schools getting involved in the sport of collegiate bass fishing. More than 30 colleges are expected to be represented this weekend at Lake Dardanelle in Arkansas.

Wade Middleton of the National Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship said they've heard from about 200 schools interested in the sport and at least 100 American colleges are fielding -- make that floating -- teams. Teams are scattered from Oregon and Arizona eastward to Pennsylvania.

Kansas colleges with teams, or trying to form teams, include K-State, Butler, Pittsburg State, Fort Hays State, Sterling and Dodge City.


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