Olympus C-4000 Zoom coming soon


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Feb 4, 2002
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Olympus C-4000 Zoom digital camera coming next month
by Peter Cohen, pcohen@maccentral.com
July 8, 2002 3:35 pm ET

Olympus America today announced the Camedia C-4000 Zoom, a 4 megapixel digital camera that features an ergonomic design, 3x optical lens, and a price of under US$500. The camera comes in a polished silver finish with metallic top and front covers.

The camera sports a 4 megapixel CCD combined with an f2.8-f11 3x optical zoom lens paired with 3.3x digital zoom. The all-glass lens measures 6.5mm - 19.5 mm, the equivalent of a 32-96mm lens in 35mm photography, according to Olympus. The C-4000 Zoom sports Automatic and Scene Program modes, as well as a full manual mode, offer users a wide range of different camera control. Manual shutter speeds range from 16 to 1/1,000 of a second.

Olympus explained that the pre-programmed Scene Program modes help to optimize image quality by biasing exposure, tone and color to match specific shooting situations depending on which mode is activated -- Landscape, Nigh Scene, Sports and more. The camera also features a Noise Reduction mode to reduce the presence of artifacts in long exposures. The different modes are activated using the camera's "Virtual Dial" feature.

The C-4000 Zoom also features USB Auto-Connect, enabling the camera to transfer data quickly in Mac OS X. The camera also includes Olympus' own Camedia Master 4.0 software for further editing capabilities. Data is written to a SmartMedia card (one comes with the camera).

New features in the C-4000 Zoom include four "My Modes" settings that you can use to create custom settings based on your own needs; a selectable AF point; multi-point spot averaging metering mode; super macro focusing to 1-inch; and histogram in shooting and review modes.

Look for the C-4000 Zoom to hit North American store shelves in August for US$499. It includes a USB cable, video cable, strap, lens cap with retainer cord, two lithium batteries, 16MB SmartMedia card, software and documentation.

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