Olympus D-370


Aug 2, 2002
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My question concerns the modifications of the olympus D-370. Is there any better or more detailed description as to where the 3 wires are mounted to exact location of the camera board? Also does anyone know where to get the (Brian's Board) I have emailed both his work and weekend emails and have not yet gotten an answer. Mainly I want to know about the Camera wiring the rest I can deal with. I have bought the Radio shack sensor and for those who are interested they are currently a discontinued item and are on sale for only $10 now, you just gotta find them.

I am starting from scratch with no expierence in this electrical field. So any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. I would like to use the above mentioned camera for my first set up. I have found one at an unreal price that works and it would better suit my needs.

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