One Mans Loss Is Another Mans Gain


Jun 24, 2011
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Had two guys cancel out of their trip to Canada and am looking to fill the spots:

CANADA WATERFOWL HUNT PACKAGE AVAILABLE FOR TWO HUNTERS If you have ever wanted to hunt Canada this is the year. Currently there are two openings for two solo hunters or a group of two hunters October 14th through the 18th (six hunters max per group only one group at the lodge at a time). All hunts are over dry fields no waders necessary. The hunt packages are either three or four days (price depends on hunt package selected). The packages include meals, lodging (your own room), birds cleaned, decoys, blinds, spotters and guide to put you on the birds every day. There are two hunts every day one in the morning for Canada geese the afternoon for ducks and snow geese. There is also free trout fishing in the pond right outside the lodge front door. Ducks are mainly mallards with a limit of eight (8) per day and Canada geese limits are eight (8) per day and snow goose limits are twenty (20) per day.
You fly into Regina or Saskatoon. Purchase your license and stamps on line for about $140.00 for both.
All gun forms and weather links are available on the web site. More pictures and references are available at

PM me for price to avoid any bantering or nagative comments

Price is lower due to them losing their deposits for this year....They will be made a deal next year on their hunt...

License and transportation NOT included in price..

PM me to schedule your trip....

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