Ontario Tourism taps Babe Winkelman as Spokesman For Tourism Campaign


Mar 11, 2001
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Ontario Tourism taps Babe Winkelman as Spokesman For Tourism Campaign


The Strategic Tourism Development and Marketing Partnership, an innovative collaboration between FedNor, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC) and Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) in conjunction with Ontario’s Sunset Country Travel Association (project proponent) has launched a tourism marketing campaign devoted to showcasing Northern Ontario in the Chicago area.

The objective of the marketing program is to build consumer awareness of and interest in Northern Ontario’s great outdoor experiences in the Chicago and Illinois market region.

The campaign begins February 11, 2008 and will run until early April 2008. It features Babe Winkelman, a noted outdoorsman and television personality, along with well-known Chicago WLUP radio host Johnny B. Each element of the campaign works to engage Chicago consumers and encourages them to rediscover Ontario as the travel destination of choice. The “Babe” themed campaign consists of multiple high-profile television and radio advertisements in the Chicago market, graphic wraps on Chicago Transit Authority trains, a mobile billboard, online advertisements and two contests with grand prize trips to Northern Ontario.

All communications drive consumers to a new website canadasgreatoutdoors.com . The website is a portal designed to quickly connect the consumer to Northern Ontario tourism suppliers and organizations through links to their respective websites.

For more information, contact Gerry Cariou, Executive Director or Ontario’s Sunset Country at 807-468-5853.

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Gerry Cariou, (807) 468-5853

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