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Optics Planet 10% off Sale

Not everyone price matches. Examples cabelas (only price matches in store) and midway. Optics planet has righted wrongs in my case. I have also been able to score the best deal possible through them multiple times with price matching and free shipping.


How is it the best deal if it price match? what they match if they are the best? do they match higher price? :rotflmao:
have you tried their return policy? They shipped me defective item which was not in working condition, i called them, they say,:" no problem, return it and we will reimburse you". So i did, but when i was calling for delayed reimbursement they say :" Sorry, the item was opened, we cannot reimburse you, good you called today because we were about to dispose your item". On the question " how can i know that the item is good or not without opening" the answer was " sorry, it is the policy", on the question "why the representative told me to return it" the answer was "Sorry, he was wrong"
So, i spent additional money on shipping and had defective product.

BTW. There are other online stores besides Cabelas, Optics planet and midway who has much better price and much, much better customer service.
Anything which in those "Big Name" stores you can get at least 10% cheaper.
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Man you really have it out for them. Sounds like you opened some sort of optic which some companies have a policy you open it you own it and tell you to deal with the manufacturer. I have returned things to them with out hassle. Sounds like there is more to the story but I really don't care.
They will price match the best deal on the net plus give you free shipping. Like I said other places won't price match at all and never offer free shipping.

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