Oregon House votes to overturn voters and allow cougar hunting with dogs


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Wow, politicians with the balls to make up their own minds, instead of letting the pools make the decisions for them; what a concept; or perhaps I should say, a return of a concept.

Common Sense

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Sounds to me like the politicians think they know better than the people. (In this case, they do, but they shouldn't override the will of the people.)


What we need in Comminfornia is a law that prohibits wildlife management via the ballot box or even the legislature. It should, by law, be the sole purview of the Department of Fish and Game based on Fish and Game professional biologists' recommendations or (such as in the case of migratory waterfowl) recommendations of the Federal Fish and Wildlife biologists. ...or would that make too much sense?


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It would make to much sense and the bunny huggers would cry because they wouldn't have a reason to protest.

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