Oregon Outdoor Council - Restoring Hunters Rights

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Mar 2, 2008
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New Organization Launched to Restore Hunters Rights

Oregon Outdoor Council poised to take lead on policy issues effecting sportsmen and women in Oregon.

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January 3, 2012

Contact: PM Jerod Broadfoot

Bend, Oregon - On Sunday January 1st the Oregon Outdoor Council (OOC) made its public debut by launching its Website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. By doing so, the council has established one of the most advanced communication networks for sportsmen and women in Oregon on issues affecting fish and wildlife management.

Formed as an umbrella organization for all other outdoor organizations in Oregon, the Oregon Outdoor Council has partnered with the Oregon Hunters Association and received an initial $25,000 contribution in order to conduct a statewide public opinion poll on the use of dogs and bait for bear and cougar management. The OOC is taking the lead on this very important issue and has already met with key national hunting organizations asking for their support and assistance.

The OOC's first priority is to return the use of dogs and bait for managing cougar and bear populations in Oregon. Since 1994, cougar and bear populations have exploded and led to some of the worst cow to calf and doe to fawn ratios the state has seen in over 20 years. Hunter opportunity has been drastically reduced and with it critical funding that pays for all wildlife management has disappeared. "We are tired of sitting back and doing nothing," said Jerod Broadfoot, OOC Vice-President. "Voters have changed their mind and realize that we must allow the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to do their job with the proper tools. Every option is on the table to restore the use of these critical management tools and ensure the sound management of our wildlife including legislation, litigation and ballot measures."

Another priority for the OOC is to ensure state management of wolf populations including allowing ranchers to protect their families and livestock without bureaucratic red tape and lawsuits from anti-hunting organizations. The OOC is currently working with organizations in Idaho in to prevent the complete destruction of elk and deer herds in Oregon much like Idaho has witnessed. The addition of the wolf only complicates Oregon's predator problem and signals yet another threat to elk and deer populations.

Officers of the Oregon Outdoor Council include President - Wayne Endicott of Springfield, Vice President - Jerod Broadfoot of Pendleton and Secretary/Treasurer - Steve Chapman of Bend. The OOC also has an advisory committee that currently includes a former ODFW Commissioner, representatives from OHA, Leupold and OBH. Other key individuals representing other organizations and manufacturers are being added to the committee. Once complete, the OOC Advisory Committee will also serve as the Advisory body to the Oregon Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus a bi-partisan group of Oregon Legislators that are pro-hunting, fishing, tapping and gun.

Additionally, the OOC has a sister organization the Oregon Outdoor Council Foundation, which is a charitable organization that will focus on educating the public on the importance of hunting as a scientific tool for wildlife management as well as fund conservation projects.

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