Oregon. Turn in poacher get preference points


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SALEM, Ore.—A new program will provide big game preference points in lieu of a cash reward to people who turn in poachers.
The program builds on the long standing Turn in Poachers Program (TIP), a successful collaboration between the Oregon Hunters Association and Oregon State Police which until now only provided cash rewards for information about poaching.
But new this year, people who provide information that Oregon State Police determines leads to an arrest or citation for the unlawful take/possession or waste of big game (deer, elk, moose, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, antelope, bear, cougar, or wolf) are eligible for preference points or the cash reward.
For cases involving bighorn sheep, mountain goat, moose, and wolves, the person who turns in a poacher will be awarded five preference points. For cases involving elk, deer, pronghorn, cougar and bear, the person will be awarded four preference points. All preference points must go to one hunt series (elk, buck deer, antlerless deer, antelope or spring bear).



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Preference points are a big deal , I think I would take the cash.
Hell they still can't get me to use Chrome I'm a Internet explorer type of Guy
also Cash and Carry type of guy Too much hype about points


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Interesting... I've never caught a poacher in the act. Just the passing by you kinda look over and the thought crosses your mind "I wonder if they are poaching..."

I'm all for stopping poachers, maybe this will help up there.


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Would only bennifeit a guy if he had max points and the ones he got would put him over the max point pool

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