Oregon Waterfowl Seasons set


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Nov 26, 2001
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2002-03 Game Bird Hunting Regulations Adopted

The Commission adopted a liberal 107-day season for duck hunters this fall because recent population surveys found that adult numbers can sustain a long season. However, the Commission acknowledged declining numbers of some species and prohibited hunting on canvasbacks and limited hunting on pintails to the first 60 days of the season.

Departing from recent years, the duck season in eastern Oregon will open Oct. 5, one week earlier than western Oregon.

The Commission also adopted rules, with few changes from last year, for the harvest of other waterfowl and upland birds. Printed regulations will be available at license agents by the end of August.

The following seasons were adopted:

Duck: Western Oregon and Columbia Basin counties (Zone 1) will be open Oct. 12 - 20, 2002, and Oct. 23, 2002 - Jan. 26, 2003. Pintail harvest is allowed through Dec. 12 in Zone 1. The remainder of eastern Oregon counties (Zone 2) will be open Oct. 5 - Dec. 3, 2002, and Dec. 13, 2002 - Jan. 26, 2003. Pintail harvest is allowed through Dec. 3 in Zone 2. In addition, a youth hunt for those 15 and younger was established for Sept. 21-22.
Fall Goose: A 100-day season was established between Oct. 12, 2002 - Jan. 26, 2003. The seasons generally coincide with duck seasons in most areas of the state. A December closure also was established to stay within the 100-day framework and to allow late season hunting. In northwest Oregon, a 107-day goose season was established for hunters who pass an identification test. The northwest season is managed to reduce goose depredation on farmlands. In addition, a statewide September Canada goose season was established for Sept. 7-20, 2002, for western Oregon and Sept. 7-13, 2002, for eastern Oregon.
Black Brant: Nov. 2 - 15, 2002.
Common Snipe: Oct. 5 - Nov. 22, 2002 and Dec. 28, 2002 - Feb. 23, 2003.
Coot: Concurrent with duck season.
Sage Grouse: A Sept. 7-11, 2002, controlled hunting season was established with 1,250 tags.  The Wagontire unit was split into two hunts to better distribute hunters and the total number of tags reduced by 15.
Turkey: A general season was established Oct. 15 - Nov. 30, 2002. The number of available tags was doubled to 2,000. They are sold on a first come, first served basis. A spring controlled hunt was established April 15 - May 31, 2003.

Seasons also were established for crow, band-tailed pigeon, and mourning dove, fee pheasant hunts, and falconry.


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Aug 20, 2001
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Good info Orygen. Thanks for posting it.  Do you know if Summer Lake state refuge is open 7 days/week?  I know the Warner Wetlands are but don't know if that area is very productive or not the first week or two of the season.

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