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Organizing a Kodiak Deer Hunt for Nov 2012

Hello all,

I would like to hunt Kodiak for deer this coming November and I am looking to find others interested in going. I would go by myself but that's probably not a good seeing that the island is loaded with brown bears. :crazy-eyes:

I have not made reservations yet but I am thinking about using this outfitter http://www.ninilchik.com/.

This is a DIY hunt and boat trips run about $2600-$2800 for 7 days. Airfare runs about $800-$1000 and tags and licenses run $85 license and $150 per deer tag. You are allowed three deer.


Anyone interested, PM me.



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Hunting Sitka deer on Kodiak is a blast! If it's rainy and windy (which it is a lot), you will be working for them. If it's calm and sunny(which it should be atleast a few days), you will be tripping over deer. Unless there is some serious snow, they will still be high in November. The best way to find them is ask the mt. goats where the deer are on the way up.
Yeah, looks like a blast. I want to go. I would hope that there would be snow before November, but who knows. Maybe a December hunt is best when the deer are low and the bears are hibernating?


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When I was targeting deer, I went in November. IMO it's more fun to go after them up in the hills then shoot them on the beaches. Plus in dec, they are starting to drop their antlers. I know more than one person who shot a nice buck then and when the gun went "bam" the antlers went "kaplunk". If you do decide to go in Decenber though, just remember the days will be real short and still no guarantee that all the bears will be hibernating.
Yeah, I saw a video where a guy shot a buck and one of the antlers fell off.haha Not sure if I want to do it by myself..and honestly, I don't think very many outfitters would allow it. Let me know if you want to go back!

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