Our Hunting Groups 2009 Archery Kills

Jake F

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YEEEAAA BUDDY!! awsome bucks :smiley_green_with_e it looks like the deer gods have smiled down on the jerryt crew. Thanks for the pix.

good Luck this weekend!

Jake :patiotic-wavin-flag


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I will tell the stories in good time but for now I can tell you the two A zone blacktails were killed at 40 and 30 yards. The X2 was shot at 73.5 yards. The D6 at 67 yards and the X3 was killed 49 yards. Yes the X zone bucks will be mounted as well as the A zone buck in Velvet.


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Dang....that's some awesome shooting, especially for deer. Story..........Story..........Waiting for Story..........!!!!!!!!

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