Our son’s first buck!!


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Our son killed his first ever mule deer last night! He has been watching this buck for the last week when it moved on to the ranch. Collin, Modocer, and his grandfather went to the orchard and saw the buck with about 20 does. Collin and Modocer did some maneuvering and Collin took a rest on a fence. After the does and the buck milled around, the buck finally separated himself from the herd, turned broadside and Collin squeezed the trigger. The buck jumped, ran for about 20 yards, then collapsed. Modocer said Collin squealed, reaching octaves only dogs could hear, and jumped around yelling ”Daddy I got him! I got him!!”. He hit the buck in the chest, missed heart and lungs, but clipped an artery, and broke both front legs. The copper bullet punched right through without mushrooming. It was a pretty exciting evening at the ranch last night! 3E1916F3-06F7-4E22-831F-175AD7B91F06.jpeg915BAA08-164C-4612-A205-0053C24714A5.jpeg3C86C4CD-8EC7-4F3E-B084-BB903C105C6E.jpeg1DD21918-D362-4277-B1C6-069B4ED51A85.jpeg
Telling my dad all about the hunt!
He weighed 160 lbs.
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that's awesome! 3 generations there getting it done...congrats to the young man on his first buck of I'm sure many. Congrats to you for raising him right!!! too cool!


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Great to hear from u again ranchwife! And super congrats to the new meat provider in the family how cool is that! Heck of first Muley for your son. Thnx for sharing and nice pics! Every time I see a harvested deer I want to eat a hot and juicy tasty venison burger!........lol...tra


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RW, that is OUTSTANDING! I love that three generations got in on it. He scored a nice one, too, to be his first. Great story!!!! :)


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We need more of this in the world! Congrats to your son and the rest of the family. Priceless memories!! Thanks for sharing.


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Congrats to your son on an awesome buck - and congrats to you guys for passing on the traditions. In other news, X3b is dismal this year! I know close to 15 hard core hunters that are struggling to find more than a couple does this year. I think we’re in for an extremely low success rate this season...

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