Outdoor adventure & conservation in harmony at Missouri' Big Horn Ranch hunting ranch


Mar 11, 2001
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Outdoor adventure & conservation in harmony at Missouri hunting ranch


EXETER, MISSOURI - New owners of a nearly 2,000 acre ranch in Southwest Missouri have implemented an ongoing conservation enhancement program designed and lead by renowned wildlife biologist Dr. Grant Woods.

Big Horn Ranch, located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, is home to White-tailed deer, quail, pheasant, chukar and a limited number of Red Stag. The owners of Big Horn Ranch were attracted to the property due to Dr. Woods' reputation and involvement. Both the owners and Woods share the mentality that hunting and conservation are not mutually exclusive activities.

Originally established in 2001 by Billionaire J.B. Hunt, the ranch has been undergoing rehabilitation for two years. "The scientific harvest and herd management strategies being applied will not only assure the maximum hunting experience for our clients, but more importantly, it is allowing the deer herd to express its full potential," said Dr. Woods. "We are proud of the healthy habitat we're nurturing. Big Horn Ranch is truly an outdoor sportsman's paradise." Day-to-day ranch operations are managed by Cory VanGilder, a published wildlife biologist and graduate of the University of Georgia Master's program.

Now accepting reservations for a variety of outdoor adventures and private events, sporting enthusiasts can enjoy hunting and trout fishing as well as state-of-the-art bow and rifle ranges. By limiting the number of White-tailed deer hunts sold annually guests are afforded a great chance to harvest a buck that meets their expectations.

More than a hunting destination, Big Horn Ranch also offers hiking along the river, an outdoor swimming pool and outback cabins, perfect for retreats or family gatherings. Offering on-site lodging and dining, the pastoral setting is ideal for weddings, special events and corporate retreats.

Big Horn Ranch is only 25 miles from Bentonville, Arkansas and 80 miles from Branson, Missouri. For more information on Big Horn Ranch, its amenities and adventures, please visit www.thebighornranch.com or call Cory VanGilder at (417) 435-2302 for pricing and availability.

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