Outdoor California Announces Singing Sparrow as


Mar 11, 2001
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May 2, 2002

Outdoor California Announces Singing Sparrow as "Photograph of the Year 2001"

Contacts: Alexia Retallack, Conservation Education, (916) 653-8124

Outdoor California Magazine's latest issue features award winning photographs from the annual Photography Award Program. Outdoor California has been hosting the program since 1990, and receives between 500 and 800 images annually for consideration.

This year, Siegfried Matull from Sea Ranch captured the top Photograph of the Year award with his picture of a singing song sparrow.

"I was photographing seals from a cliff during April with a 300-millimeter (mm) lens, when suddenly, I heard a song bird just singing its heart out," said Matull, 64. "I turned and the bird was just there. Everything was perfect - the light, the vegetation, the background. It was luck. I took 10 shots before it flew away, and only one came out perfect."

Outdoor California permits only photographs of live fish, wildlife and plant species in their native habitat into the contest. All photographs must be of native California species. The entries are judged by a panel of outside photographers and biologists. In addition to "Photograph of the Year," awards will also be given for excellence and honorable mention. The award winning photographs are then printed in the March-April issue.

In addition to his singing sparrow, Outdoor California features a profile of Matull and his incredible journey to becoming an international award winning photographer. Peninsular bighorn sheep, Canada geese, the giant garter snake, and the battle of the natives versus nonnatives in Southern California are all featured in this issue.

DFG's Outdoor California is published bi-monthly and regularly presents unique articles on the status of ongoing efforts to protect, enhance and restore California's fish, wildlife and the habitat upon which they depend. This full-color publication includes fabulous photography, artwork and special columns on watching wildlife and hunting and fishing.

Structured around themes, the magazine explores various topics like the marine environment and endangered species or profiles significant species like mountain lions or waterfowl.

DFG has been printing Outdoor California since 1953, and it is currently funded almost exclusively by subscriptions with minimal advertising. Subscriptions are $12 per year with special discounts available through website at www.dfg.ca.gov/coned/ocal/outdoorcal.html and in the magazine. Limited supplies of single issues are available for public browsing at DFG offices around the state.

A single complimentary copy will be provided to members of the media. Please call (916) 653-6420 or e-mail plopez@dfg.ca.gov. A digital copy of Matull's singing sparrow is available at www.dfg.ca.gov/coned/images/songsparrow.jpg for use with this article only. One time print rights have been granted by Siegfried Matull.

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