Outdoor Connection Now in Wyoming


Mar 11, 2001
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Outdoor Connection Now in Wyoming


Outdoor Connection has opened a franchise office in Wapiti, Wyoming. Robert Hanson was awarded the franchise rights and now gives Outdoor Connection a presence in the outdoors minded state of Wyoming. Robert currently serves as the secretary of the Boone and Crockett Club as well and carries a resume of over 40 years of international big game hunting and fishing. These credentials lend well to the business he is in now with Outdoor Connection. Hanson has began operation of his business already and stated the following about his new venture:

"Having previously owned a hunting and fishing booking agency, I have a pretty good idea of what makes such operations succeed or fail. Now that I am a franchise owner, I am convinced that Outdoor Connection has the formula for success. Beginning with comprehensive and thorough initial training, Outdoor Connection provides impressive support for its franchise owners. The agent only portion of its website contains every tool that an agent needs to build his business. Every form that is required to book a client is provided on that site, along with a feature rich search engine that allows the agents to access lodge or outfitter information, and print out brochures and other information for prospective clients. A forum (agents helping agents) allows for a useful interchange between agents, who work in a team environment to pass on useful tips and suggestions or to solicit help and advice. Opportunities for inspection trips and discounted hunting and fishing opportunities are abundantly available for franchise owners. The lodges and outfitters selected by Outdoor Connection have been carefully evaluated and are of the highest quality. Already I have hunted with one such outfitter and have nothing but the highest praise for my experience. Finally, Outdoor Connection's annual "Sporting Adventures" is a wonderful sales tool, and gets better with every passing year. The 2007 version has over 100 pages of "adventures" that may be taken by prospective clients, and is prepared in a format that guarantees long "shelf life" in the hands of clients and prospects. I look forward to a continued and successful affiliation with Outdoor Connection."

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