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Over and Under issue


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So I used a Browning Over and Under .12 gauge for yesterday's dove opener. Problem was, no second shot. Luckily I had my back up gun. Any ideas or thoughts why this gun only fires once?


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Because it's not a Winchester ? Just kidding , kinda ...
See a competent gunsmith , he'll fix you right up !

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My understanding is that OUs operate in two ways to cock the hammers. One is you crack it open and it cocks both the hammers. The other is the recoil from the first shot sets the hammer for the second. I think you have the latter and the linkage could be broke.


What happened with mine was the firing pin spring or the firing pin itself failed. My OU was upgraded to the 30k round springs and pins by the manufacturer.


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I had the same thing happen. It had a broken firing pin. It's a really easy thing to do. Lots of YouTube videos out there about doing o/u maintenance and firing pins.


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Most likely, the action needs cleaning.

Remove the stock. The pad comes off with two phillips screws. Get to them with lube on the screwdriver to slide through the tiny slots in the pad. One bolt holds the stock on.

Clean all moving parts with solvent and brushes, blow dry. Repeat a couple times until your white cleaning cloth does not show dirt.

The firing pins are also an area to look. They fit into small bores and fixed with a cross pin. Burnt gasses and unburned particles can build up at the bottom of the bores preventing full stroke of the pin.

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