Pairing a scope for my Remington 783


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If you are looking for the best bang for your buck check out Nikon pro staff. A 3-9x40 scope would fit that nicely and you can get the pro staff for around 175$


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Vortex makes a couple really good scopes ranging in different price ranges. They have a awesome warranty and great customer service from my dealings with them

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Mr. Luckypants

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If you only hunt out to 200yds I would stick with the same scope. As long as it tracks you are good to go. I would invest in a good binocs. But if you insist...get a Leupy VXII.


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My $.02


If you want to spend less (& since you got a Rem 783, I presume you're on a low budget...)
Nikon is a very good value.

I feel I've outgrown Mueller & TruDot.

Just got a Weaver for my .22, they seem really nice but not much love outside the bench-rest rimfire crowd.


LOL. NF is 5-6 times the price of 783.
Sure, because it is 5-6 times better, you know what animals you can kill with NF.
I can tell you from my personal experience as one using exclusively Barska scopes, you need to by the best, than you get the best.

But seriously, Vortex Diamondback or Nikon prostuff are great hunting scopes for the money.
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Im looking to spend $150-$200 on the scope. Im kind of leaning towards the Nikon Prostaff! I've heard of Vortexs as well


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Bushnell trophy xlt is a good scope for the price too. That Nikon prostaff is probably better though.
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Wow. Just looked up some night force stuff on midway. That's out of control. 2-4K. My wife would kick my butt all over the place if I bought one of those. But I guess, as with anything. Depends what kind of money you have. Even than sum guys that have the money still won't spend it on many occasions. My gun is a hand down and came with a redfield scope. I do not know much about the gun or scope. But we will see soon. I had it broke down and deep cleaned. Also changed a few parts and updated a few things. Now my 743 woodmaster should be good for years to come.

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