Passing of James Edwards


Mar 11, 2001
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Passing of James Edwards


It is with more sorrow and sadness than words can express that Allen Jenkins Turkey Calls and the Allen Jenkins Family inform you that James Edwards has passed away at age 66. He died suddenly May 28, 2008.

James had a most impressive life long career as the Master of turkey call making.

His career began at the young age of 14 when he started working with Mr. M. L. Lynch in Birmingham Alabama. When Allen Jenkins bought the Lynch Company in 1970, James moved from Birmingham to Allen's hometown, Liberty, Mississippi with Allen to continue making turkey calls. In 1994 Allen moved the business to Thomasville, Georgia and once again James moved his family to work with Allen.

2006 brought changes to the Lynch Company and Allen and his family, including James, decided to no longer commercially make Lynch turkey calls. They started what today is known as Allen Jenkins Signature Turkey Calls. From the day he started, at age 14 until the day he died, James was involved with making turkey calls, having a career that spanned 52 years, with the last 40 of these years working side by side with Allen Jenkins. There is serious doubt that there is any one else that can boast such a long and outstanding continuous career doing what he loved the most, making turkey calls. To some it may not sound like a goal to meet, but James's knowledge, expertise and dedication to a job well done is unsurpassed.

James was not selfish, he left a wealth of knowledge about his trade as his legacy to Allen's three sons.

The last calls that Allen, Chip Jenkins, and James built together will be offered in honor of and to the memory of James.

James was a gently mannered black man who people enjoyed looking forward to seeing again. He will be missed.

Each and every call made by Allen Jenkins Turkey Call Company will forever echo with the sound of quality and integrity that Allen and James built their reputations on and instilled in Chip, Ben and Nick Jenkins.

This is more than a guarantee, it's a promise that can be taken to the woods.

If you have any questions please let Allen or I know. Our home number 229 228 1408 or the email
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Allen or Geri Jenkins (229) 228-1408

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