Mar 11, 2001
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‘Patient' at Trigg hospital literally out of the woods

By SANDRA MYERS smyers@kentuckynewera.com

CADIZ, Ky. -- Everyone probably has heard a doctor describe a patient as being "out of the woods."
Employees at Trigg County Hospital are still shaking their heads from an incident earlier this week that gave them a greater appreciation for the phrase.

According to officials, a deer crashed through a plate glass window near the Medical Records Department at the hospital, roamed several halls and eventually found its way out through automatic doors near the emergency room.

Hospital administrator Terry Powers said the incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. Monday.

Once inside, the deer began roaming the halls of the hospital and attempted to get into the doctors' lounge where Dr. James Brazil sat, taking a break.

Brazil said he heard a "bumping" noise and peered out the lounge door to see the deer heading for a tour of the new wing of the hospital.

The animal startled the staff at the nurses' desk as it ventured into one of the emergency rooms, causing minor damage. It finally activated the automatic doors of the emergency room entrance and left the hospital on its own four legs.

Powers said the broken glass already has been replaced in the hospital hallway.

The staff also has jokingly posted a deer crossing sign in that particular area of the hospital.

Powers wryly noted that there was concern in the billing office that the deer did not register during its emergency room visit and apparently had neither health insurance nor Medicare coverage.
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