Pelican sale


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Jan 12, 2002
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Ok guys here's a pretty good deal for the price of the Pelican 1120....the shipping is a little steep at $9+ but if you order multiple units (exp. 4) the shipping is less than $4 a case.  Pelican 1120 @ $15.30.  Check this link out:  Now someone help me get a couple more PF cameras.  I also will have a slightly different...maybe better Case to let you know about that is $14+ and $4 shipping for 1 case in a few days.  I ordered 3 this morning I want to get a look at them before posting a link.  The difference I see in it right now is the width is a little over 5'' that will fit the PF a little better.  Let you know in a week or so!  Later!

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