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As some of you might remember I was able to get Lake Elsinore to approve bowfishing a number of years back. Well 8 years ago I started on Perris but ran into DFG issues and more importantly low water due to the impending damn rework. Well I kept all my emails from back then and now that the lake is up I contacted lake manager John Rowe (great guy!). Long story short it looks like 2019 will be the first year of approved Bowfishing at Perris. There will be lake regs on how and when it will be allowed but it's looking good right now.

Plain ol' Steve

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Though this has no interest to me at this point in my life, I want to commend you for the effort and persistence it must have taken to push this through. We all benefit from it.

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Last I was to Perris that Blue stuff had killed every thing, Now Elsinore Has huge Carp that would be a blast to Bowfish for, HUGE !!


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Nice, Perris is close to home. Now I just (1) need to get a new bowfishing rig and (2) find time away from my new job. Thanks Mike

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