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Photography services for your hunt, for free!


Hey there guys! I received a Digital SLR type camera capable of shooting some high quality shots last year as a Christmas present and I have since enjoyed and used it thoroughly. I'd like to get some more experience shooting in an "active" hunt situation, and so I figured that I would offer my services to anyone near my area (Northern CA or very extreme southern Oregon). I'm positive plenty of people who take along their cameras have missed some shots of a lifetime, so I'll come along on your weekend or day hunt and photograph it for you, for free! All I ask is that you cover the cost of fuel. I've been active in the hunting community for awhile now, and I'm by no means new to the pursuit so you wont need to worry about my tagging along alerting your game :) Anyways, I figured I would post up my offer and see who wants to not have to deal with the camera for a change, and get some free photo's of their hunt to boot! Hope to talk to some of you soon! :)

EDIT: Also, if you want I can always do some effects on any of the photos for you if you want, I've been using photoshop for years and have grown to be quite skilled at it.
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