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Pics From First Charter Boat Trip


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Well got back Sunday from my first charter boat trip. It wasn't a slaughter but we caught some fish, learned a valuable lesson, but more importantly got to spend time with my pops. Good story if you haver time....On the way up I stopped in at Turners in Lawndale to take advantage of a once in a lifetime okay from momma to buy some fishing or hunting gear. I ended up buying a new Californian 7ft rod and a new Shimano Torium 30HG. Now on the second day of trip the fishing was horrible! No one had hooked up all day! I thought I would mix it up and use a Shimano Butterfly flat lure since everyone else was using live bait (with no success). The Captain, Rambo, from the Cortez, out of Seaforth in San Diego, called out he had a school about 90ft deep beneath the boat, so I dropped my lure. It was as if i had dropped the lure on top of the head of the fish. Bam!!! I was hooked up!Then the fight began. I kept asking the deckhand if my drag was adjusted right. He replied it was fine and to not touch it. After 20 min of fighting this fish I asked again, as I was not gaining any ground on this fish, the deckhand came over and said my drag was loose. After multiple times of the drag coming loose and the deckhand adjusting it, I heard a loud pop! and my reel handle seized completely! Now It had been 45 min of fighting and the boat was about to see a grown ass man start crying! Very calmly Capt Rambo came down and assessed the situation. He then grabbed a broom handle and pulled line from my rebel and wrapped it around the broom handle. He then grabbed another rod and reel and fed my line through the new rig backwards. He told me calmly to reel as fast as I could when he let go. Wouldn't you know it the fish was still on the line and 15 min later on the deck of the boat! That was the first time anyone had seen that done before!
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