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Hi there,

Didn't realize this forum was still going and glad to discover it again. So, little background, i'm 36, lifetime hunter and used to hunt 100 days/year but life, my business, kids, wife etc. has slowed it up drastically over the past 7 years. I've got 3 boys, oldest is 8 and they are loving fly fishing for trout and local stripers and the few times we've went out for ducks/pheasants.

Given my time commitments to life, i'm trying to find a hunting club or lease for pigs within 2-3 hours drive of Sacramento for a place i could start to take my oldest out with me hunting. I'm primarily focused on archery hunting them both with my compound and trad bow but figured i would have to take one with a gun if hunting with my son(s). I've looked into WU but i'd much prefer to join a smaller group and have a place i would build as a tradition for my kids for years to come. I think there is something special about a specific place year over year that you get to build lasting memories. If i'm lucky i would be able to hunt 7-8 days per year and would be weekdays most likely given sports schedules on the weekend.

I was hoping someone might have a lead on a quality club that would fit the profile. I don't mind spending money for quality hunting and more importantly a safe and good environment for my son.

I'm also looking for a place to take them to hunt turkeys strictly with a bow if someone has a lead here. My oldest is getting pretty good with his bow too so perhaps next season he'd be able to try his luck or potentially get him a cross bow.

BTW, some may say just go with a guide. That's just not me. I like the hunt of finding my own game, making my own plan, failure and success. I just need a place that provides quality opportunities as the "take" is not main objective. I've got good references as a hunter and insurance is not a problem either. Please feel free to PM me for any information not wanted to be public. thanks for your time.

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I've also got a fully remodeled 2 bedroom condo in downtown Ketchum, ID that provides a great vacation/ski place or place to stage for hunting elk/mule deer to trade.


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I think the perfect place for u to hunt archery for pig or deer is at Lake Sonoma. Its the best public land to hunt for wild pigs for the cost of $35. For park hunting registration fee. It so close to u only about an 1 1/2 from u. They have jr. turkey hunts there also u can look Into. Its strictly archery there and u can u crossbow there too.
But if u ever decide u might want to try a guide u can't go wrong with Jayson C. He knows that lake and park very well especially for pigs. I have hunted with him in the past he a good freind and great great guy for sure 100%. the wild pig season started this weekend at the lake and runs till march 25th. They have a awesome outdoor archery range there too. Hope this helps. And if u decide to get a crossbow spend the money on a excalibur.....tra



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