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Feb 19, 2004
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I'm getting alot of landscape pictures in a row. Will grass/weeds moving set off sensor or is the sun's heat doing something? Could the senor be set too sensitive?
I'm using a pix rsp board and haven't changed the setting it was shipped at. Looks like it is about half way. Seem's like I get a bunch of pic's every minute during midday when sunny. Is 43 pictures on a 64 mb stick at high resolution about right?
Has anyone had trouble with 256 mb sticks? What happens when the card fills, is the camera still going on and off every time it senses? How's that for alot of questions?

I'm getting good time now out of my batteries after adjusting my shutter assembly.


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Aug 6, 2002
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Sounds like you need to adjust your PIR sensitivity POT here to me. I send them out so that the PIR sensitivity POT is set in the middle, but in fields during the summer you'll need to make it less sensitive. Here is how this is done:

Front Mount boards - move towards the silver dot for less sensitive
Back Mount boards - move away from the silver dot for less sensitive

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