Planning Owens River Trip


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Hey Gents and Ladies, trying to plan a fly fishing trip this year to the Owens River. Was wondering if anyone had a good spot for camping? Looking to camp on the river if possible or close to it. Hopefully if this El Nino shows up the water levels will be higher and make for better fishing. Has anyone ever camped/fished Pleasant Valley?

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Hi, Mike we are up there all of the time. Great camping in between the Pleasant valley dam and the wild trout section, Great fishing on the dam side of the culvert. Bring some Sierra pink dots. Also down by the cement plant. If you go past the cement plant down river there are good jump shooting opportunities for duck as well. If you know anyone who wants to learn fly fishing send them to Sierra Pacific Fly Fisher's site and they can sign up for an almost free fly fishing class coming up here very soon. The graduating weekend is at the lower Owens on super bowl weekend in Bishop. PM me if you need any more info. Fishing is good down there right now.

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