Plans for after retirement!


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Nov 18, 2002
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Well MJS asked me what plans I had after retirement besides Fishing and Hunting! Well is there anything else

Really though I haven't really given what job I want to do but am pretty open to things. The one thing is that I will be living in the Elmira/Boyne area. They are building a new Lowes in town so my try to get on with them, they do give discounts to employees!
Got a basement to finsh off.

MJS, I just went to my 20th reunion and one of the guys I graduated with is a Huey piolt with the Guard, last name Crawford, I highly doubt you know him just throwing that out there.

The rest of you guys give MJS a big welcome! Upper may be to busy trying to win that tourny so he can pay for that boat.



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Sep 17, 2003
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I'm still here MI It's to fliping windy for me I think the ship to shore said 15 to 24 knot winds I think thats around 20 to 35 mph if i'm not mistaken I can never remember that stuff. We are going to stay on the boat friday and Saturday night (my buddies 22 foot)
so I will be back on Sunday or monday to let ya all know how I did. Glad to see more and more coming to this page not that you guys are getting old
but new blood is good. As far as a job MI did you ever consider Corrections they hire offten and I believe their is a camp Pugsley near you. All you have to do is put in your cival service app and specify that institution and they will only call you for that site. They love ex-military. I belive you can substitute(SP) your military for the college requirements. It payes well I think they start at $13 and end up at $21. Best of all you can retire with 10years in. Just think __ years old and two retirements. Just a thought if your interested let me know and I will get you the stuff you need and maybe some inside info...

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