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Please add your rating of the vender once you buy at resellerratings so we can help others who are shopping for a camcorder or accessories. Price is not the only part of the sale to worry about. Customer service also needs to be considered since there can be problems in shipping or a defective product that needs to be returned.



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I bought my Canon GL1 from a couple years ago. They sent me a tracking # so I was able to keep track of where it was till it got to my house. When I started to use the camcorder I discovered that the viewfinder did not work. The flip-out screen worked fine. I called Vann's and told them the situation. They gave me a number to use for UPS shipping so I wouldn't have to pay for the return shipping. It took me a few days before I got around to preparing to send the unit back but before that happened, Vann's had sent me another GL1. I had the new unit before I sent the old one back. This new camcorder has worked flawlessly. That is what I call customer service and I will buy from Vann's again.


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Sony TRV-17 or 18

small, compact, lithium ion memory free battery that will last with t he LCD screen open for over 6 hours running. Has firewire, ieee link and usb port for slower connection, software, and costs around 600 bucks now. Takes stills, up to 128 mb card, and has all tv/vcr hook ups. It is easy to work nice looking and just the right size for hunting video. I will suggest get a good tree pod arm so all video is clear and free of shakes.

A+ camcorder


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Bought a Sony TRV-50 from a while back along with a extra battery, etc. Had a great price and arrived in just a few days. The service was fine but I didn't have any problems so I'm not sure this was a good test of their service department.

The camera is set up similar to the TRV-17, 18, 19 but with a few extra features, many of which I may never use. Love the nightshot and super night shot (slow shutter) for low light conditions. With the optional infrared light it's awesome for low light conditions. Also has a 1.x megapixel still pic feature - works great for me - save on memory stick. Love the pass through conversion to dv for capture with firewire. Digital zoom is a waste.

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