Please look out for this truck! (IN THE INDY AREA)

Captain Jack in Sac

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Jan 4, 2008
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Hey all... Just wanted to pass on some information on a vehicle description of a truck that broke into my friends Sprint Car shop in Indianapolis this morning. Stolen was a 410 injected sprint car motor and a Polaris quad. The quad is green in color and is very distinctive because of the push bumper on the front and poles on the back rack for tires.

The truck appears to be a 2008/09 Red Chevy Colorado extra cab with chrome stock rims and running board. Also the extra cab and rear window is tinted in addition to having a trailer hitch and ball in the back. The truck is plated, but they used cardboard to cover the plate.

If you see this truck in the picture please call the police. The owner would like to get a hold of them first though.


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