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Feb 20, 2002
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Sign the petition to Stop Bio-fraud, Investigate ESA Input Data To: President George W. Bush, Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton,
United States Congress, Western State GovernorsSeven employees from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest
Service and Washington state falsified data during a three year study
of the habitat of the Canadian lynx in Washington state. They
submitted hair samples from captive lynx and tried to pass them off
as wild. None of the scientists were fired! They were sent to
counseling and given different jobs.The lynx survey would have been used to establish land-use rules in 16
states and 57 national forests. These agencies are falsifying species and
habitat studies to stop logging, ranching, hunting, skiing, off road vehicle
recreation and mining on the federal land. A federal listing could
potentially bar millions of acres of land from public use. These agencies
cannot be trusted to make fair or competent decisions about our nation's
resources.The investigation of the lynx survey has also raised the suspicion of data
falsification on other species issues.The spotted owl counts were taken by listening to their calls, not by sight.
Rumors have it that environmentalists had learned to make the calls and
positioned themselves in the woods during the counts.The grizzly bear is currently listed as a threatened species, but
environmentalists are pushing for endangered status. In March of 2001 a
state fish and wildlife biologist asked a taxidermist for grizzly bear hair
samples from a bear that was shot on a hunt in Alaska.Canada lynx is native to Canada. Canada has such a thriving population it
still allows trapping.Representative Scott McInnis of Colorado has scheduled hearings, while
several agencies are investigating how far the bio-fraud extended.The Endangered Species Act has the power to prohibit the use of land, both
public and private from commercial and recreational use based on
scientific fact.We encourage you to join Mr. McInnis in his pursuit of the truth in this
matter.We demand that there be a Congressional investigation into the validity of
the data presented by Federal and State agencies in classifying species of
animals as threatened or endangered.If fraud is found to have been committed against the citizens of the United
States we demand perpetrators of such fraud be prosecuted to the full
extent of the law.Sincerely,The Undersigned

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