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Captain Jack in Sac

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Jan 4, 2008
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Awhile back their were a couple post in regards to getting a poker game / tourney together in the Sacramento area. I am still willing to put one on if there is still an interest out there. My normal group of friends are interested in playing and meeting other poker players. If I get my Tuesday night league guys from wok and the guys I hunt with to commit, it would be around 30 players.

So to set the date, I have spoken with my good friend Mitch over at Long Barrel Apparel and he is still willing to put up the warehouse to play in. So with that being said, we are going to have a Poker Game & BBQ on Saturday April 12th. Game will start promptly at 5:00 and is located off of Warehouse Way in Sacramento. If you are interested in attending the BBQ & Game, please post up or PM me with your name and phone number. That way I can get you the physical address.

Each round of play will be at 20 minutes, all done by computer.
Each table will have 2 decks of cards to keep the rounds moving fast
Blinds will start at 25/50 and double every round of play
Each player will start the game with 10K in chips
Buy in will be at $60 per player with a $20 knock out bounty awarded to each player you eliminate from the game
Each player will be only allowed up to 3 re-buys and must occur within the first hour of play
The amount of players will delegate how many positions will be paid out. A minimum of 20 players will be required for top 3 positions. 30 players will pay to top 4. 40 players will pay out to top 5.
If enough people get knocked out and use the re-buy option it will create a larger prize pool and possibly more pay out positions

For those of you who get knocked out, a 1-3 no limit cash game will also be taking place. <span style="color:Green">Those who wish to indulge in the BBQ, a request of $5 will be made for the food and beverages.


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