Poll reveals Wisconsin public supports DNR on CWD


Mar 11, 2001
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Survey backs DNR on deer kill strategy

Most say CWD serious threat

May 31, 2002

Capital Times (Madison)

Wisconsin residents agree with the Department of Natural Resources strategy to combat the fatal disease that has struck the state's white-tailed deer.

That's according to responses to a questionnaire by the state DNR, distributed at five meetings around the state, on the DNR Web site and other places.

The survey found that:

2,890 people considered CWD a serious threat to deer and deer hunting, while just 140 did not.

2,758 responders thought the disease must be managed aggressively. Just 184 said no.

2,518 agreed with the strategy of quickly reducing the deer herd by at least 90 percent in the core area around Mount Horeb, where deer with CWD were found. There were 369 who disagreed.

2,263 said the deer population should be reduced by 50 percent in a Deer Management Zone that is within 30 to 40 miles of the core area.

2,577 believed that baiting for hunting should be banned in the larger deer management zone; 375 said no.

2,647 said deer feeding should be banned in the deer management zone; 295 disagreed.

2,265 responded that unused parts of deer killed in the management zone should be land-filled or rendered; 397 disagreed.

2,301 approved of a proposed Oct. 24 to Jan. 31 gun deer hunting season in the management zone; 594 said no.

1,752 said hunters should be able to use rifles in the management zone so more deer could be killed; 1,046 said no.

2,553 said the DNR should issue permits to landowners, allowing them and hunters who have their permission to shoot deer year more in the core area where the deer with CWD were found; 386 said no.

2001 favored unlimited either-sex deer hunting permits in the management zone; 524 said no.

770 who normally hunt in the deer management zone but outside the core area said they would help by trying to shoot more deer than usual; 573 who normally hunt in the core area said they would do so.

2,497 favored allowing state or federal sharpshooters to kill deer with permission of landowners in the core area; 350 said no.

1,261 said they would be willing to pay a fee for a lab test for deer testing; 632 said no. The average amount people said they would pay was $30.

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