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Sep 30, 2003
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Reading through LA times and found this section. Does anybody know or hear any news about what is going to happen to the los padres national forest up by the 154 with the fire yesterday. I was wondering if that area will be closed to hunting.

Fire closures may cut hunts

Parched brush, drought and an early fire season could limit Southern California deer hunts this fall.

Much of the front range of San Bernardino National Forest is already closed, and the Angeles and Los Padres forests have restrictions on smoking and fires. The Cleveland National Forest is considering similar measures.

"The potential is there for a fire season every bit as bad as last fall," says Forest Service spokesman Matt Mathes. "People will get upset about closures, but at least the forest will be there next year."

Deer hunts in at least six zones could be affected, the Department of Fish and Game says. Hunters can exchange the $20.75 tag before the earliest season in that zone — typically archery — opens, but only if a tag for a newly requested zone is available. The fee is $6.50.

Last year's wildfires cut short many hunts, which usually begin in September. The San Bernardino forest closed before the 2002 deer season because of fire risk.

West Nile virus advice

Add the West Nile virus hotline to the speed dial. The state Department of Fish and Game is warning outdoor enthusiasts in Southern California about exposure.

Don't touch sick or dead animals. Move carcasses with a plastic bag or gloves. Prepare and cook meat properly to avoid infection. Wear pants and long sleeves on hikes and use insect repellent with DEET to ward off mosquitoes, primary virus carriers.

Some victims experience flu-like symptoms, but less than 1% require hospitalization. A Fullerton man died of West Nile virus in June, a Grand Terrace man died last week and a third fatality is suspected in L.A. County. Call the hotline at (877) WNV-BIRD or go to http://www.westnile .ca.gov.


May 30, 2001
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I think the southern California NF closures are going to be a given until two conditions are met.

1) We get a few decent rain years to get us out of the drought we're in and

2) Some of the fuel levels are reduced by natural fires, prescribed burns, and harvesting.

I guess the silver lining to this cloud is that with the reduced hunting pressure in these areas we may have ourselves a few dandy bucks in a few years.

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