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posting video in HD! vimeo.com


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I picked up a new camcorder. the Canon HG10. with the new HF line dropping, seems like prices are starting to slide a little. I didn't care for the removable media cards thing, so i'll stick with the 40 gb hdd, thats over 5 hours before having to dump it.

also upgraded to vegas pro 8.0 (b release), which now allows full editing of AVCHD (.m2ts files)

can't wait to film some hunts. the best part is you can now post your videos in full HD for others to view.
check it out


its basically like youtube but in HD (and they have a strict policy where you can only post your own work)

pretty sweet!

Eric Mayer

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Looks good. I just got a Canon HF100 and am ready to start recording. Are you able to use the Vegas to convert files to MPG, etc? The files out of my HF100 are .m2ts and the crap software that came with the camera cannot convert it. I am looking at the Vegas editing software, but don't know for sure if it can convert from this format to a usable web format.

Nice video, btw!



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