Powell almost taken out by PLO bomb


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Nov 30, 2001
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Just think if this had been successful and Powell was assassinated on a mission of peace. This type of thing just shows you that the Palestinians have a gun to there own head and are willing to us it.  

From Worldnetdaily.com

Attack on Powell
motorcade foiled
Explosives, suicide bomber's belt found beneath corpse in ambulance

Posted: April 12, 2002
10:15 a.m. Eastern

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Israeli security foiled a Palestinian terrorist attempt to hit the motorcade driving U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem last night, shortly after he landed. The secretary was accompanied by Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and heads of the U.S. Embassy.

Just before 9 p.m. local time, two hours before Powell arrived, a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance was stopped by a hidden Israeli security patrol near the gas station on the Modi'in-Jerusalem Highway 443. The driver and his mate had all the necessary permits for transporting a dead Palestinian policeman to the Gaza Strip.

However, since Yasser Arafat's confinement in Ramallah, security has been intensified on all traffic coming from the direction of the Palestinian town, in case of an attempt to smuggle him out. In any case, in a war situation in which passage from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip has been suspended, all permits are checked for forgeries.

The ambulance therefore was opened up and searched carefully. Hidden under the corpse was a large supply of explosives and a suicide bomber's belt.

According to some of DEBKAfile's sources, the two Palestinians admitted under questioning that they had planned to pull the ambulance up on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv expressway, the route taken later by the Powell motorcade. One of the men was to stay in the vehicle while the other strapped on the bomb belt and hid in some roadside bushes. When the secretary’s car drove by, the ambulance was rigged to explode. The second bomber was then supposed to leap into the milling crowd of officials and security men and blow himself up.

At 10:07 p.m., the booby-trapped Red Crescent ambulance was blown up in a controlled explosion, creating a bang loud enough to frighten dwellers in a broad radius and start the rumor of a rocket attack. Israel security is investigating the provenance of the Red Crescent ambulance and the official permits.

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