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Just got Premier Elements 3.0 installed on a laptop. Must say that was one, if not the longest, installs I've ever done. Them templates took forever to install. Not sure what the templates are for, still reading the manual.

I got the CD off Ebay for $45. OEM with serial number so I can upgrade to Pro version if needed. Usually goes for $99.

Using a Belkin Firewire card in the PC slot and I captured video easily the first time. Once I turn my Canon GL-2 camcorder on I get a pop up window asking me whether I want to use Windows Moviemaker or the Adobe Premier to capture the video.

Premier has bigger preview/play windows you can mover around to whatever part of the screen you want. The Sceneline and Timeline are bigger and easy to figure out and work with.

Plenty of transistions and effects to play with. The user manual and help pull down menus are helpful but I'll probably get a book written by a master on using this software, there is so much you can do like Photoshop but without a film editing background, I get lost. The audio editing side I know from years working in that industry, the video side I'm still doing baby steps.

The only drawback so far is rendering the project to make your video. It makes two passes and a 8 meg 1:30 video takes several minutes (approx. 8 min) to do. Windoze Moviemaker seemed to render the final product quicker. I'm rendering the final deal in wmv. format at 320x240, 64kbps hz, fps 30. There are rendering settings for HD and mobile devices like cellphones and Ipods.

More when I figure out the rest of the bells and whistles.


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Hi, Jess

Do you know if you can load and edit a video directly from a mini DVD inserted into the computer? That is, if the mini is finalized, rather than transfering from the camera (which uses the minis as media) using a firewire? I know this isn't possible with Elements 1.0



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Well, I bought the Premier/Photoshop Elements package and answered my own question. It says I can copy a mini into a project.

It does take a while to install, as you say above.

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