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Jun 9, 2009
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I’d like to thank the people that have contacted me about making a presentation to their membership on the importance of conservation to fishing, hunting, forestry and management of our waters. I received a few common questions that I thought would be worth responding to in this follow up message.
Q. Is your presentation about your book or the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance?
A. It’s about both since the two go hand-in-hand.
Q. Why aren’t you charging a fee to do the presentation to cover your costs for travel or other incidentals?
A. Recently, I was speaking with a state senator and he remarked about the good job New Jersey’s outdoorsmen and women are doing educating the legislators about the workings of conservation. The key to understanding the reason for our progress in changing Trenton’s perception of the importance of fishing, hunting and the precept of conservation is contained in the presentation. As more outdoorsmen and women understand their inherent value in ensuring the health for our natural resources the more they will be able to educate others; ultimately this benefits ourselves and the environment.
Q. Do people have to buy a book after you give your presentation?
A. No. Books will simply be available to those with an interest. There is no “hard sell” to purchase a book.
Q. Will you be making money off of the sales of any of your books?
A. No. The proceeds from any book sales will go to the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance to help further our mission to educate policy makers about the importance of fishing, hunting and conservation to healthy ecosystems.
Q. Do you offer any type of incentive to purchase your book, “Color the Green Movement Blue: A Remedy for Environmental Health?”
A. Books (soft cover) will be sold at $20.00. Again, the proceeds will go the NJOA, which helps to advance our mutual outdoor interests. If the hosting club agrees, the NJOA will offer a free book to anyone who signs up for a 1 year NJOA membership at the normal annual dues price of $25.00. It’s entirely up to the hosting club if they would like me to offer the free membership incentive at the end of the presentation.
Q. Will you make yourself available should their be people interested in having their books personalized?
A. Yes. I’d be glad to set aside time to discuss issues related to New Jersey’s outdoors or to sign a book.
Q. What does your presentation include?
A. It is a ½ hour PowerPoint presentation that covers:
~ Intelligent design and principles of conservation
~ The definition of Blue Collar Conservation and the importance of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen in educating people and policy makers about the precepts of conservation
~ How to participate in New Jersey’s outdoor grassroots movement
~ How the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is changing the way Trenton views anglers and hunters - for the better!
~ Attendees will gain an understanding of how anglers, hunters and all conservation-minded people make positive contributions to the health of our forests and waters
~ And much more!
Those with an interest in setting up a presentation at their club, a club event, or any type of gathering may email me for additional details:
Thank you,
Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Conservation Foundation
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects

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