Problem with MS20 distance

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Aug 8, 2002
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I have a problem with the MS20 not detecting beyond about 5 feet.  Here's the history first:
1. Modified MS20 with RS 9V relay, clipped R3, changed R26 to a 220K resistor, wired (+) side of LED to pin 14 of IC, and hooked up camera and LED leads to DPDT switch.
2. Put MS20 switch in "Test" position.
3.  (yesterday)Tested it on bench and noted increased relay close/delay due to mod. of R26.
4. (yesterday)Tested it in the house, across living room, and it worked.....distance approx. 20 ft. ....LED lit up and camera fired when connected.
5. (today)Installed it in the housing with a 1" hole in housing and pir located 1 1/16" back from  hole. I had not installed the fresnell yet....tested it first without fresnell and only got about 5 feet distance.....relay closed and LED illuminated.
6. Took it back out, tested it out of housing and still only got about 5 feet distance...relay closed and LED illuminated.
7. Batteries are good....even tried a new 9V.

If anyone has any clues as to what has happened or what needs to happen or any suggestions....I would sure appreciate it.  Thanks.

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