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Jun 29, 2004
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"It's different with a gun dog. A thing, of the bond between a hunter and a hunting dog, that carries beyond the heart. Beyond companionship, to life itself. The condition that each can live ... really live ... only through the other."

That's from a new book titled "Jenny Willow," which is about a very old grouse hunter from West Virginia and the 17th and final English setter of his life. I'm a Lab guy myself, but that passage works for me.
I have no connection to Mike Gaddis, the author, or to Lyons Press, the publisher, but I will say this: The novel is on a very short list of the best books I've ever read. I got my copy for free because I'm a sports journalist who occasionally reviews hunting and fishing books, but I plan to buy at least half a dozen more to give to friends and family as Christmas gifts. To me, it's worth 10 times the $14.95 cover price.
If you've ever loved a hunting dog, you'll enjoy this book.
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